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World Vision 世界宣明會

Jesus + you & me - bring living water to the world!

LIVE Saturday (11/14): 3:30 PM - English
實況 主日 (11/15): 11:15 AM - 中文 (Chinese)

Zoom Meeting ID: 861 4020 4343, Passcode: 616830

Do you know one out of 10 people in this world has no access to safe water and as Christians Jesus is calling us to do something about it?

Starr Yang, World Vision senior church advisor, will share the vision and strategy of the world’s largest Christian humanitarian origination, as well as the largest clean water provider in the developing world: How World Vision uses its Water ministry to not only bring clean water in to the communities in need, but also to point the local people to the living water – Jesus; and how you right here in Boston can be part of this global mission to bring clean water to thousands of kids and give them an opportunity to reach their God-given potential!


世界宣明會的資深同工楊心妤姊妹將介紹全球最大的基督教人道救援組織、同時也是全球發展中國家最大的清潔水提供者的事工願景及策略:世界宣明會如何透過水資源事工不只將清潔水帶進有需要的貧困社區,同時讓居民有機會認識生命活水 – 耶穌;以及身在波士頓的你,如何參與這個全球事工,為成千上萬的孩子們提供清潔水,讓他們也有機會發展上帝給他們的天賦潛能!

PANEL: Your work could make a difference in the world


LIVE Saturday (11/14): 1:00 PM - English

實況 週六(11/14)1:00 PM - 英語

Join a panel jointly organized by Called to Work, Go Live Serve, Theology of Work Project as part of the Vision New Normal: Your Work As GlobaLocal Mission Conference.


Topics include 內容包括:

  • Products and services that build communities to promote justice and ameliorate poverty both locally and globally. 在當地和全球建立社區、伸張正義、改善貧困的產品和業務。

  • Company fellowships at the US HQ could support chapters in other countries and contribute to a faith@work movement around the world – Do’s & Don’ts. 在美國總部的公司團契可以支持在其它國家的分部,並為全世界“職場中的信仰”運動作貢獻 - 作法「該」與「不該」的建議。

  • Ripple effect of exponential impact when we serve people and steward the planet in alignment with God’s purposes. 當我們服事別人並按照神的意願維護地球,會產生指數性影響的波狀效應。

  • 45’ three speakers 三位講員,45分鐘分享

  • 15’ Q&A to end with reflection & prayer 15分鐘的問答、靜思和禱告

Pre-recorded Workshops


Getting To Know CBCGB-Supported Missionaries
歡迎您來了解 CBCGB支持的宣教士

MISSIONS 1: International STudent MinistrY


As students from around the world come to college/graduate school, it provides an unique opportunity to engage with them spiritually. Get to know some of the CBCGB-supported Missionaries serving in the fast-paced world of international student ministry. This workshop session highlights:


MISSIONS 2: mobilizers and Local Missions


Missions mobilization and missions to unreached people groups living in "reached" countries are key roles. Get to know some of the CBCGB-supported Missionaries serving in these areas. This workshop session highlights:


MISSIONS 3: Asia missions


Many of our missionaries serve unreached people groups in Asia. Get to know some of the CBCGB-supported Missionaries serving in and soon to be serving in Asia. This workshop session highlights:


  • Chris and Emily - OMF International - Soon to be Japan 日本

  • Richard and Rachel - OMF International - Taiwan 台灣

  • Shohei and Sawako - Mission to the World - Japan 日本

Getting To Know CBCGB-Supported Social Concerns Partner Organizations
歡迎您來認識 CBCGB社關事工支持的夥伴機構

SCM 1: Local Ministries


This workshop session highlights CBCGB-supported Social Concerns partner organizations with local ministries:


scm 2: INTERNATIONal Ministries


This workshop session highlights CBCGB-supported Social Concerns partner organizations with international ministries: